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Our major goal is our clients to have the most relaxing vacations without involving with all these troublesome details that may make a journey difficult.

We can assure your that we will do our best to fulfill that goal and make your life easier.

NEW! Inflatable paddle board

A Stand Up Paddle board, or more popular a SUP is a large surfboard which you stand (or sit) on, and use a paddle to propel yourself trough the water to wherever you desire.

SUPing is a great exercise, extremely fun to do, and a perfect way to get around the sea. This is exactly why SUP’s are so popular with the Charter and generally yachting/sailing community. Think about it this way. A tender is fast , but it’s hard to lower in and take out of the water, swimming is great, but you don’t always want to get wet.

A SUP on the other hand, is light to carry, easy to use, and again, just plain FUN. Plus, when on anchor, you mainly need to cover short distances, so a SUP is a perfect choice.

Imagine, getting up in the morning on a sailboat, hopping on a sup, and paddling to the shore to explore. Even better, if you’re on a holiday with your kids, imagine their faces when they see their very own  big surfboard.

All of this and more is why Sailing Ionian Sea decided to offer a SUP, and make it available for rental. 

Just ask for a SUP with your charter!


WI-FI on board

Stay connected!

We can provide a WI-FI network on board if you want to stay connect (till 5 device in the meantime)

BASIC (30,00 euro)

5 days of internet and till 2GB of traffic

STANDARD (40,00 euro)

14 days of internet and till 3 GB of traffic

EXTRA (50,00 euro)

30 days of internet and till 5GB of traffic


Sailing crew

Greek regulations require the presentation of two sailing licenses for the legal rental of a sailing yacht.

If you don't own a license and none of you crew does, we can arrange a professional skipper for you, an experienced capitan who will escort you at your journey and will be your guide to the most beautiful coasts of Ionian wherever and whenever you wish and desire.

We can provide you a professional skipper for the price of 210 euro per day (include 24% VAT).


 Taxi services

Taxi drivers who cooperate with us will wait for you at the airport you will arrive and will get you directly to Lefkas Marina.

All you have to do is inform us about your flight details.

Travel plan info

Having knowledge of some vital tips in advance is of strategic importance for safe sailing with a yacht.

We 'll be happy to inform you on any possible question you may have such as weather forecasts and general information regarding destinations, harbors, special spots accoring to your taste e.t.c

Yacht customization

Feel free to ask about private requests for your inboat comfort such as extra linen/towels/blankets, children safety net,

cooking equipment e.t.c

Leisure Info

Information about the local entertainment in or outside the Marina, restaurants or local tavernas, cafeterias and bars, kindergarten, pharmacies, general supplies stores, intown shopping, internet cafes, laundry and of course a general idea about all possible costs for your daily needs.

Yacht Assistance/SOS Line

Any possible damage or problem you may encounter on your journey will be dealt immediately, either by our team, or by a professional engineer/assistant partner sent by us directly to you at ANY harbor or place of the Ionian you might be.

In total, we will be there for you!