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  Sailing Ionian Sea


Our position is a perfect starting point and an easy access for both of the sailing area: 

South Ionian, to Meganisi, Kastos, Kalamos, Ithaka, Kefalonia and Zakinthos or North Ionian, to Paxos, Antipaxos, Corfu and main land.

Many of the harbours that you will visit are traditional fishing villages, you will find a lot of amazing and unspoiled bays around the islands where you can enjoy swim, sun therapy or just relax under the Greek sun, listening nature's sounds.

Short distances between the islands, safe anchorages and generally good wind conditions makes the area perfect for families and beginners.

But also the "strong" sailors can enjoy a good afternoon sailing when the prevalent NW wind blows.

You will find below a couple of sailing itineraries that you could do for discover the beauties of our aerea and enjoy an unforgettable holiday.


Day 1

Meganisi Porto Spilia

A very nice small bay where you can also swim, there is a restaurant just on the beach that has floating pontoon, that you can reach even from Saturday evening (your charter will start at 17:00 o'clock).

Around 2 hours navigation from Lefkas

Day 2

Kastos Island

Before reach Kastos, you can stop for a lunch break and a swim in one of the pure bay of Meganisi (Abelakia is our best)

Kastos is a very nice small island with only a village, you can swim even inside the port. There is a mill up to the hill where you can enjoy a great view and a nice cocktail.

3 hours of navigation from Meganisi

Day 3

Kalamos Island

Just next to Kastos, you can stop in a nice bay named Porto Leone for a swim and relax and than sail into the main port for overnight and have a dinner in one of the restaurant near the port.

Day 4


On your way to Ithaka you can stop in Atoko island, it's a very small island with no habitants but it has the most turquoise water of the aerea. Swim and lunch here and than you can sail to Kioni, a very nice village on Ithaka.

Day 5


On your way to Kefalonia you will find a lot of places where you can stop for a swim or relax. And than you can overnight in Fiskardo, the most colorful and famous village of Kefalonia.

If you will not find a spot on the port key you can just anchor in the opposite side of the bay.

Day 6

Sivota of Lefkas

A bay in the south of Lefkas, where you can enjoy fresh fish. Here you can find floating pontoon with electricity and water, or if you prefer to have some privacy you can just anchor in the middle of the bay.

Day 7

On your way back to Lefkas, you can stop for a lunch and a swim in one of the bays around and than return to the marina. We will check out on Friday evening, you will sleep on board and than you will disembark Saturday morning 09:00 o'clock.



Day 1

After the takeover (if you arrange to leave before 18:00 o’clock) you can sail till Preveza, a town on the main land, it has a big port and nice fish taverns. It’s not really something special but it’s the only spot close enough for overnight away from the Marina of Lefkas

For access the north part of the Ionian, you will have to cross a floating bridge that will open every full hour.

Day 2

Sail till Antipaxos, around 4 hours navigation with good weather. It has a very nice bay with great blue water where you can swim and relax. It’s not so safe for overnight there unless there is no wind almost at all.

For the night you can move to Paxos, in Gaios, around 1 hour navigation from Antipaxos. Very nice village cute and typical!

Day 3 

You could visit again the bay in Antipaxos or the west cost of Paxos, but for the west cost of Paxos you need good weather conditions because it’s open sea and it’s easy to have shallow waves.

You can overnight in Lakka, a nice bay in the north east of Paxos. If you stay by anchor in the middle of the bay you can also swim there.

Day 4

Sail to Corfu, you can overnight in the main port which is the best way for reach the old town. You can visit the old fortress and try the amazing local cuisine (Corfu is very popular for use of kumquat in different dishes and drinks). 

You’ll need around 5-6 hours navigation for reach it from Paxos.

Day 5

Sail down to Petriti, a small fishing village with a small port. On the way you will find some beaches for relax and swim.

Day 6

Sail to Syvota or Parga, two nice villages on the mainland. Very graphic bays with many taverna on the port key where you can enjoy your dinner or a drink in the sunset. You will need around 6 hours navigation to get there.

Day 7

You can stop for a quick swim in Agios Ioannis, just out of Parga and then back to Lefkas, you will check out on Friday, sleep on board and disembark on Saturday at 9:00 o'clock.


A mix of the two routes can be a great idea if you have a charter of 2 weeks. But if you prefer to explore the south part of the Ionian you can also decide to reach Zakynthos with his famous Wreck Bay, in the north west side of the island and the stunning Blue Caves.