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  Sailing Ionian Sea

About us

Sailing Ionian Sea is a small family business founded in 2009.

Panos Batistatos,   yacht's owner, base manager and yachts maintenance responsible.

Peruzzini Virginia,  front office attendant and charter manager

Vaggelis Vrakatselis, technical manager and customer service

We are the owner of the sailing boats we charter and our personal interest is to maintain our sailing yachts at the highest standards guaranteeing the best for our clients.

We try to think like customers, and we care about making friends that enjoy sailing rather than clients.

Last, we can assure you that concerning your overall journey details, we will be the first and the last people that you will see upon arriving  and before leaving Greece.

Why Us...

Because, our major goal is our clients to have the most relaxing vacations without involving with all these troublesome details that may make a journey difficult.

We can assure you that we will do our best to fulfill that goal and make your holidays easier.